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First Grade (Grade-1) Curriculum

The official start year for primary education has come upon us. It seems like just yesterday that your child’s days were filled will making and baking mud pies and rolling in the grass. At this stage of life, however, we understand that acquiring knowledge in subjects like Mathematics and English are underway. If you are uncertain of how to begin this journey, look no further than HeroesMart Academy (HHA). At this tender age of your child, we share your noble desire to guard that little mind – feeding it only what is morally and academically sound. That is the reason that the Heroesmart Academy Team have worked tirelessly to produce and release Godly Learners Grade 1 Curriculum.

This Curriculum package was created with the same academic rigor and biblically moral fundamentals as previous grade years, while remaining age-appropriate with the use of vivid colors and tones to keep your child engaged. Our goal is to make private education attainable to the average family seeking shelter from the unknowns of public education and the high price tags of traditional private schools. At Heroesmart, you will find that you (the parent) are free to educate your student at your own leisure, on your own schedule, and at an affordable price.

This Bible-based curriculum is designed for students between ages 6-8 years old. Subjects covered at this level are as follows: Mathematics, English/Language Arts, Bible Reading, Science & Technology, Social Studies, and Piano. Classes are 5-days a week over the course of 36 weeks (or 180 traditional school days). Remember, examinations are available to test your student’s knowledge at 9-week intervals (optional). Exit examinations are accessible for those wishing to test out, receive a certificate of completion once all work is completed, or progress to the next grade-level (compulsory).

We invite you to reference the Grade-1 Go-Live article to review multiple options through which you may utilize the HHA model to homeschool your children.

Below you will see the end of year objectives for this grade year. Register your child today, and grow with us!


English Language

Bible Reading

Science & Technology

Social Studies


Shalom and Blessing Regards!

HeroesMart Team

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