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Kindergarten Curriculum

It’s finally here! Your child has graduated to Kindergarten and is eager to explore everything she/he can possibly get her/his hands on. If you’re like many parents, you want to nurture your child’s desire to learn and grow, but perhaps there exists the concern of placing your precious gift into the hands of strangers at the local school house. Are the other children going to be nice, or are they going to resort to bullying her/him? Are the teachers going to add unnaturally “liberal” ideologies to daily lessons? Will there be another round of school shooting this year? How close to my child will this mass shooting come? What “extra” knowledge will she/he absorb that may be woefully inappropriate for her/his development and age? Should I spend thousands of dollars on private education to protect my child from these threats?

Although the list of questions can go on and on, we want you to know that we share your concern! The pollution of mainstream education and the extraordinary cost of private education can leave many parents confounded as to what to do. From this place of polar extremes is where HeroesMart Homeschool Academy (HHA) was born. In the comfort of your own home and at the time of your choosing, parents are free to provide structured education to their little ones without discarding critical elements of learning, such as Biblical morality, godly virtues and the superior educational standard of America’s progenitors. Many caregivers and parents understand the temporary and eternal ramifications of a child’s developing worldview, so feel free to reassume your right as parent to instruct your child in the fear of the Lord. Give her/him everything she/he needs and nothing that she/he doesn’t!

This Bible-based curriculum is designed for students between ages 5-7 years old. Subjects covered at this level are as follows: Mathematics, English/Language Arts, Bible Reading, Science & Technology, Social Studies, and Music (Song). Classes are 5-days a week over the course of 36 weeks (or 180 traditional school days). Remember, examinations are available to test your student’s knowledge at 9-week intervals (optional). Exit examinations are accessible for those wishing to test out, receive a certificate of completion once all work is completed, or progress to the next grade-level (compulsory).

We invite you to reference the Grade-K Go-Live article to review multiple options through which you may utilize the HHA model to homeschool your children.

Below you will see the end of year objectives for this grade year. Register your child today, and grow with us!


English Language

Bible Reading

Science & Technology

Social Studies


Shalom and Blessing Regards!

HeroesMart Team

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