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Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum

Congratulations! You have correctly identified the benefits of giving your student exposure to early education. According to research from Duke University, students who receive structured education beginning about this age (4 years old) excel more than those who do not. The Pre-K grade year is a fun one filled with new learning experiences and sensory play. Let learning for your pupil continue to be fun and structured with our low-prep lesson plans. The content is designed around a 2-day per week schedule, allowing you adequate time for non-school related activities. By default, Tuesday and Thursday are used in the Timetable, but feel free to choose any time that fits well for your family’s lifestyle. Please register your student (free registration) for more information about this resource. In addition to the pre-organized school days, with Heroesmart Homeschool Academy, you have the option of downloading the weekly workbook at a small fee and having these workbooks stored in your student’s Library for future access or to download at a later time. Register your student for exams to test their knowledge upon the completion of every 9th week, or skip ahead to the exit exam for a more comprehensive test. Whichever decision you make, your student is a hero in our eyes! This curriculum is designed for students between ages 3-5 years old. Below you will see the end of year objectives for this grade year. God Bless!

Language Arts:



Basic Skills/Science:

Bible Reading:

Music time:

Craft & bonus:

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