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Dear Parent,

We realize that many of our HHA families have been impacted by COVID-19 pandemic, and in support of your continued homeschooling efforts, we would like to extend downloadable (PDF) copies of HeroesMart's products to you, for free. Also, as we release more curricula, we will offer additional products as compliments. So, be sure to visit this page often for more. The whole of HeroesMart Homeschool Academy (HHA) is rooting for your success and most importantly God is with you. With a little bit of persistence and courage, you can do it. Keep at it! We pray peace, safety and protection of God over you and all of yours in these trying moments in Jesus name!

To claim your Free PDF copy, simply select the product of your choice, type your email in the field below and click submit. Our email server will send you a link to download the product. Please be sure to disable your browser's pop-up blocker if you have issues with downloads and/or check your spam folder if the email does not come through to your inbox.

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If these resources have been helpful to you, please consider:

  1. Giving us feedback on our website: HeroesMart Feedback
  2. Providing a review on Amazon: Amazon Reviews
  3. Purchasing paperback copies of our workbooks and other products from HM Store
  4. Subscribing to our YouTube Channels: HHA and HM
  5. Following us on Facebook at HM Facebook.

Our vision at the HHA is to provide structured education with Biblical morality in keeping with the vision of American Founding Fathers. The very first President of our nation, George Washington, stated that if we separate religion from education we will lose morality. Another Founding Father, Benjamin Rush, stated that if we remove the Bible from schools, we will be spending so much time and effort in punishing crimes and taking so little pains in preventing them. How true these assertions have been in our nation! We are living witnesses of the moral decadence that plagues the public school system and which is stealing the souls of future generations away from their true Bishop. The American Founding Fathers were right, and we believe this nation needs to return to an education system that has a foundation of Biblical morality to solve a myriad of problems waging war against us in this nation and by extension, the world at large. That is the reason we founded the HHA.

We support this cause through numerous avenues using the gifts and talents that God has given us to keep operational expenditure low. Please review some of our accomplishments and future plans, as follows:

  1. Free Video lessons to Christian Families who plan to homeschool their children starting from Pre-K to Grade-12 covering six subjects - Mathematics, English, Bible Reading, Science, Social Studies and Music.
    • We have published over 1300 Video lessons for Pre-K, Kindergarten and First Grade.
      • Pre-K Videos may be accessed from the HHA Pre-K YouTube Playlist.
      • Kindergarten Videos may be accessed from the playlists on the HHA YouTube channel.
      • First Grade Videos may be accessed from the playlists on the HHA YouTube channel.
    • We are in the process of publishing additional 640 videos for Second Grade. By God's grace and mercy, all videos will be live on our YouTube channel by December 31, 2020.
    • We plan to release additional Curricula every six months following the schedule that we posted on our website at https://heroesmart.com/school/ContentReleaseSchedule.php.
  2. Supplemental Resources for families who need additional help such as:
    • Optional online portal which provides access to a structured timetable, tracking, grading, analytics, and reporting utilities at https://heroesmart.com/school.
    • Optional and very affordable workbooks across all subjects for all grades.
    • Social Media platform (YouTube and Facebook) through which parents / guardians can collaborate and share learnings.
  3. Discipleship Materials to provide spiritual growth for our students through the parent ministry website: https://heroesmart.com.

We sacrifice our time, effort and resources to fund this outreach and are believing God to continue to do so for the next 6 years until all curricula have been completed. Our operations are completely debt-free. However, we would like to invite you to partner with us through your financial support to ease the burden on us as we journey toward the goal of providing Free education with Biblical Morality to save future generations. This project costs us approximately $170K every year and will cost about $1 Million in 6 years.

Your prayerful and kind consideration to partner with us through your financial support of any amount will be greatly appreciated. You may send your financial support using any of the methods below.

  1. Paypal Account: Support@heroesmart.com
  2. Donate directly on our website at HM Donations.

Enroll your child and/or encourage a friend to enroll their children at the HHA today.

Shalom and Blessing Regards!

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