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Make Money While You Homeschool

Many parents genuinely want to homeschool their children, but simply cannot because they have to "work jobs" to make ends meet. They are forced to send their children back to the system of the world which has the potential of twisting their moral compass. Is there a way out, if I find myself in this situation as a Christian parent? We have good news. Yes, there is a way out. HeroesMart now offers an opportunity for Christian parents to make money while they homeschool their children through a program we call HeroesMart (HM) Rewards. The HM-Rewards is a Partnership Rewards program that gives every parent who has registered a child at HeroesMart Homeschool Academy (HHA) an opportunity to refer the program to friends and families and earn points for their efforts.

So how does HM-Rewards work?

  1. For every product unit purchased by your Referral from HeroesMart's (HM) Store, you make 1 point, and each point is equivalent to $1. If the product is a package (for example Grade-K Curriculum package which contains 8 products), you make 8 points if your Referral purchases the package. Please note: product must be purchased from the store while Referral is logged in to the HHA Portal.
  2. Products may include downloadable materials (HHA Workbooks, Discipleship Messages, etc) and non-downloadable materials (Paperback Workbooks, Discipleship Materials, etc).
  3. For downloadable products, rewards are eligible for redemption immediately after purchase.
  4. For non-downloadable products (i.e. products which require shipment), HM-Rewards will be eligible for redemption after 30 days of Purchase to accomodate for returns. If your Referral does not return the product, your HM-Reward will be eligible for redemption. If a product is returned within 30 days of its purchase, associated HM-Rewards will be cancelled, though.
  5. So how do I get started?
    • Ask your friends and families to register their children for the HHA Program.
    • Ask them to input YOUR STUDENT ID into the field titled "ID of the Person who referred you." They can find this field when they log in from their: "Update Profile > Next of Kin" page.
    • Ask them to purchase workbooks and other HM products while logged in directly from HM Store.
    • Also, from YOUR PROFILE page, add your PayPal Email account to the field titled "Paypal Account (Email Address for HM-Rewards)." Also, this field is on YOUR "Update Profile > Next of Kin" page.
    • Access the "Partner Rewards" menu from your portal and click on "Pending Rewards" to track your points. This page will be automatically populated with your reward points, as your referrals purchase products on the website. You can redeem all "Pending Rewards (eligible for redemption)" from this page by clicking "Transfer to PayPal Account."

And guess what? Your earning potential is PERPETUAL! As long as your Referrals remain in the system, you earn points for all their purchases from HM Store. We mean every bit of this, and we remain committed to support the efforts of all God-fearing parents who want to turn the tides against the forces of evil. Products are now available from the HM Store at discounts (much cheaper than what you will get from any other store). If you have the guts to homeschool, the least we can do is to support you through this journey.

So, become a Partner with HeroesMart today, and earn points through HM-Rewards. Take this leap and ask friends and families to enroll their children at HeroesMart Homeschool Academy (HHA) and purchase products from HM Store while logged in.

Thank you for growing with us.

Shalom and Blessing Regards!

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